The Naturopathic Medicine Institute, Inc. an existing IRS approved 501(c)(3) was founded to address the need for bold leadership in Naturopathic Medicine, for providing effective clinical services, for post-graduate training of doctors and other providers, for research and advocacy.

The Institute pursues these goals in collaboration with a network of highly experienced practitioners who are recognized leaders in the naturopathic profession, and by collaborations with key organizations that share the vision of the Institute. Through these collaborations, the Institute will contribute to providing more effective and cost-effective health care to people seeking restoration of their health to the highest level possible. The Institute specifically seeks to expand the availability of health care providers who can use naturopathic therapies with maximum effectiveness.


“The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health – to cure, as it is termed.”

~ Samuel Hahnemann, The Organon of Medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine Institute Core Team


  • James S Sensenig. N.D.
  • Robert J. Broadwell, N.D.
  • Robert D. Timberlake, In Memorium

Board of Directors

  • James S Sensenig, ND, President
  • Robert J. Broadwell, ND, Member
  • Harry F. Swope III, ND, DHANP, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Eli Camp, ND, DHANP, Member

Advisory Council

  • John Benedict Lust, Jr., Honorary Chair
  • Eli Camp, ND
  • Holly Castle, ND
  • Letitia M. Dick-Kronenberg, ND
  • Sara Hazel, ND
  • Thomas A. Kruzel, ND
  • Aviva D. Wertkin, ND
  • Jared L. Zeff, ND

Organizational Values

Values Organizational Manifestation
  • We demonstrate our wisdom when we recognize that medicine is an art where experience is valued, and informed by the science.
  • We base our actions on an internally consistent framework of principles.
  • We acknowledge that knowledge is not merely an accumulation of information.
  • We believe in walking the Vitalistic path of Naturopathic Medicine and strive to practice congruence in all matters.
  • We strive for a culture of personal integrity.
  • The programs we offer are cohesive and well-planned with intention.
  • Our integrity is reflected in the establishment of the Centers of Excellence.
  • It is a “calling” to teach/work for The NMI – our people are our greatest asset.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards…if it’s worth doing we’re going to do it right.
  • We insist upon superior quality in education, products, service and communication.
  • We strive for mutual respect and regard for all parties involved, in all our endeavors.
  • We are creating a healthy organizational culture filled with fun, health and respect.
  • The organization reflects the fundamental principles of the healing power of nature – joy, fun and creativity.


Executive Committee: Eli Camp, ND; Holly Castle, ND; Lorraine Young, ND; Jim Sensenig, ND

Curriculum Committee: Kate Firisin, ND; Shawna Eischens, ND; Ashley Whittemore, ND; Louise Edwards, ND; Holly Castle, ND; Eli Camp, ND

Website and Membership: Leslie Cisar, ND; Nathan Petersburg, ND; Taylor Pagano, ND; Patrick Healey, ND; Shayna Keller; Elizabeth Taddiken

CE: Teresa True, ND; Laurel Erath, ND; Patrick Healey, ND

Live Events: Holly Castle, ND; Harry Swope, ND; Lorraine Young, ND; M Samm Pryce, ND; Bethany Stringer; Nicolas Figueredo; Sara Bulson; Lori von der Heydt, ND; Paola Tapia

Marketing and SM: Karthik Ramanan, Jessica Bernardy, ND; Travis Mowery, ND; Lisa Lavoie, ND; Ben Reebs, ND; Lorraine Young, ND

Vital Conversation: Jason Kinley, ND; Ashley Whittemore, ND; Holly Castle, ND; Eli Camp, ND; Gail Littel, ND

School Chapters: Christie Fleetwood, ND; Nadia Musavvir, ND; Santiago Nevarez; Rosia Parrish, ND; Jennifer Markham, ND; Hanifah Muhammad

Communications: Holly Castle, ND; Eli Camp, ND; Lorraine Young, ND; Node Smith

A little of this and a little of that: Everyone!


Beth Avakian

Eli Camp, ND

Jessica Bernardy, ND

Holly Castle, ND

Leslie Cisar, ND

Chelsea Dakers

Louise Edwards, ND

Shawna Eischens, ND

Laurel Erath, ND

Katy Firisin, ND

Heidi Halvorsen, ND

Tursha Hamilton, ND

Patrick Healey, ND

Shayna Keller

Jason Kinley, ND

Dawn Ley, ND

Gail Littel, ND

Jennifer Markham, ND

Claire Millet, ND

Travis Mowery, ND

Hanifah Muhammad

Dr. Nadia Musavvir

Santiago Nevarez

Taylor Pagano, ND

Rosia Parrish, ND

Nathan Petersburg, ND

Ben Reebs, ND

Bonny Seal, ND

Ashley Snook-Downs

Carolyn Stone, ND

Elizabeth Taddiken

Paul Theriault, ND

Teresa True, ND

Ashley Whittemore, ND

Ayesha Worsham, ND

Lorraine Young, ND