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The Vital Gathering II: Save the Date

  • October 13-15, 2017 in Phoenix. Three full days of vitalistic clinical medicine from the NMI Fellows.
  • More information and registration links will be posted shortly.
  • CE will be submitted to OBNM and AANP
  • Conference #2 required for VNMI
  • Spots will be limited
  • Updated 1 June, 2017

The Vital Gathering I

14 hrs Gen CE
(OBNM & AANP approved, qualifies for CNPBC & CONO Cat B)

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The first of two requirements for earning the Fast-track VNMI. The VNMI identifies you to your colleagues and the general public as a Naturopathic Doctor grounded in and practicing core, vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine.

This was a powerful, enlightening and uplifting gathering of Naturopathic Doctors dedicated to the practice of Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine. This includes 14 hours of vibrant lectures, professional interaction, case and panel discussions and celebration of the powerful healing potential of the human.

In these three days, we renewed our understanding of the philosophical and practical application of our medicine. This gathering was a journey of showing how the philosophical constructs of naturopathic medicine guide every decision we make as doctors. Build upon your clinical expertise in treating people who suffer from complex chronic and sometimes debilitating illness with a solid foundation in vitalism.

Leading the weekend were the founding Fellows of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute: Dr. Jim Sensenig, Dr. Aviva Wertkin, Dr. Jared Zeff, Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg and Dr. Thomas Kruzel. Our Fellows collectively have over 150 years of clinical experience using vitalistic naturopathic approaches which honor the tradition of naturopathic medicine.


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A special thanks to our sponsors who are supported this event and provided scholarships!

Priority One Nutritional Supplements is thrilled to be a supporter of the inaugural Naturopathic Medicine Institute and the upcoming Vital Gathering I. We have always supported getting to the roots of naturopathic medicine in its truest form. We have seen a vital need for the newest physicians to learn from the elders that have practiced naturopathic medicine in clinic and succeeded. This is a vital need in our industry and we are thankful to be apart of this epic movement to see this to fruition.

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Conference Topics

14 hrs Gen CE
(OBNM & AANP approved, qualifies for CNPBC & CONO Cat B)

Paradigms and World Views

  • The Interconnected world of the Vitalist
  • The idea of paradigms and their creation

The Healing Power of Nature: An Introduction to the Vis Medicatrix Naturae 

  • The universe as orderly, intelligent, and benign
  • Physical matter as an expression of energy/pattern
  • Dysfunctional as transitional state

The  Unity of Disease, The Catechism of Nature Cure

  • Health as balance, disease as imbalance/adaptation
  • Adaptative changes necessary to maintain life
  • All such changes unique and individual
  • Acute disease as corrective/responsive
  • Chronic disease as inadequate response
  • Healing crisis/Disease crisis as state changes in dynamic equilibrium

The Language of the Vital Force Part 1: Law of Similars.  Laws of Cure.

  • Healing as an orderly predictable process in a rational world
  • Process is centrifugal and can be assisted
  • Symptoms change in known patterns

Panel Discussion

  • The Fellows speak philosophy
  • Case: How to Think Like an ND

The Language of the Vital Force Part 2: Minimum Dose. Dual Effect.

  • Elegance is in minimal intervention
  • Primary and secondary effects in biological systems predict outcomes
  • Therapies inimical result in greater chaos and dysfunction
  • Ultimate effect on system is determined by therapeutic rationale

Therapeutic Rationale. Treatments in Conformity with the constructive principle in Nature.

  • Therapies to address effect of disease
  • Trophology: The science of feeding
  • Emunctorology: The science of elimination
  • Vitalogy: The Science of the Life Force
  • Physical medicine in conjunction with healing
  • Intention as a modality

The Science and Art in Medicine

  • What make science scientific?  
  • Science vs. The Church: Is it a matter of Belief?
  • Is conventional medicine scientific?
  • Is naturopathic medicine scientific?
  • Are there limits to science in medicine?
  • The philosophical limits of scientific inquiry
  • Summation of the foundational value of an articulated world view in medicine
  • The role of experience

Case Discussion and Conference Conclusion

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