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Current Volunteers

Executive Committee: Eli Camp, ND; Lorraine Young, ND; Jim Sensenig, ND; Amber Golshani, ND; Emily Paliszewski, Lisa Pomerantz

Curriculum Committee: Shawna Eischens, ND; Ashley Whittemore, ND; Jorge Lopez, ND; Aviva Wertkin, ND

Membership: Samm Pryce, ND; Lorraine Young, ND; Kenya Spaine, ND; Nathan Petersburg, ND; Taylor Pagano, ND; Patrick Healey, ND; Shayna Keller; Libia Luevano, ND; Eta Brand (Australia); Cecilia Gilmore; Paul Theriault, ND (Canada)

VNMI certification: Lori von der Heydt, ND

Residency Program: Kate Firisin, ND

Practice Management & Marketing: Leslie Cisar, ND; Eli Camp, ND

Public Relations: Rick Kirschner, ND

Sponsor Relations: Travis Mowery, ND; Kayla Cook, ND; Jim Massey, ND

Continuing Education: Teresa True, ND; Laurel Erath, ND; Patrick Healey, ND

Live Events: Elizabeth Taddiken, ND; Harry Swope, ND; Lorraine Young, ND; Nina Manipon, ND; Charmainge James

Marketing and SM: Lorraine Young, ND; Lisa Lavoie, ND; Ben Reebs, ND; Andrea Pryce, ND; Ashley Whittemore, ND; Anne Dericks, ND

Vital Conversation: Jason Kinley, ND; Ashley Whittemore, ND; Eli Camp, ND; Laurel Erath, ND; Jim Sensenig, ND

School Chapters: Christie Fleetwood, ND; Nadia Musavvir, ND; Santiago Nevarez; Evelyn Szeinbaum

ND Vitalist Directory: Hanifah Muhammad, ND; Gaynel Nave; Shereen Khorami

Communications: Lorraine Young, ND; Eli Camp, ND;  Lisa Lavoie, ND

Centers of Excellence: Jared Zeff, ND, Harry Swope, ND, Chris Turner, ND

Public Programs: Nutrition 4 Kids: Holley Nash, RDN; Holly Castle, ND; Judith Thompson, ND; Lorraine Young, ND; Eli Camp, ND

Website: Eli Camp, ND; Nathan Petersburg, ND; Lisa Lavoie, ND

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Meet our Current (and past) Volunteers

Eli Camp, ND

Holly Castle, ND

Lorraine Young, ND

Jared Zeff, ND

Harry Swope, ND

Judith Thompson, ND

Holley Nash, RDN

Rick Kirschner, ND

Aviva Wertkin, ND

Andrea Pryce, ND

Nina Manipon, ND

Amber Golshani, ND

Leslie Cisar, ND

Lisa Lavoie, ND

Katy Firisin, ND

Shawna Eischens, ND

Ashley Whittemore, ND

Teresa True, ND

Elizabeth Taddiken, ND

Jessica Bernardy, ND

Travis Mowery, ND

Christie Fleetwood, ND

Louise Edwards, ND

Jason Kinley, ND

Nathan Petersburg, ND

Patrick Healey, ND

Ben Reebs, ND

Shayna Keller

Taylor Pagano, ND

Laurel Erath, ND

Rosia Parrish, ND

Jennifer Markham, ND

Santiago Nevarez

Dawn Ley, ND

Dr. Nadia Musavvir

Gail Littel, ND

M. Samm Pryce, ND

Ashley Snook-Downs

Paul Theriault, ND

Ayesha Worsham, ND

Carolyn Stone, ND

Lori von der Heydt, ND

Tursha Hamilton, ND

Hanifah Muhammad, ND

Claire Millet, ND

Karthik Ramanan, ND

Chelsea Dakers

Randy & Laura Crockett