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Homeopathic Prescribing for Pediatrics Made Easy: Webinar with Thomas Kruzel, ND

Many naturopathic physicians who do not use homeopathy as part of their therapeutic regimen cite the hours of study required to master this complex subject and an emphasis by some of the medical colleges to produce “world class” homeopaths. Because of the emphasis in some schools, and a lack of interest by others, many recent graduates have abandoned this highly effective and useful therapeutic modality. Children respond very well to homeopathic medicines because they have strong and expanding vital forces, their clinical presentations are usually very straight forward, and they will take the medicines because they taste good. This session will help the participant have a better understanding of how to prescribe for the Pediatric population while providing the basic tools for successful prescribing. Learn more about Dr. Thomas Kruzel.

CE: AANP, OBNM | 5 CE gen | $125 | Purchase Course

Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Common Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders from a ND Perspective with Jared Zeff, ND, LAc


Naturopathic Medicine in its fundamental form is a method of healing that applies generally to almost all situations that require healing.  There are surgical cases, and these we refer, as generally, we are physicians, not surgeons.  And so it is with problem of the heart and lungs.  Although these systems are critical, and there are times to refer these patients, for the most part we treat them as we treat any other problem.   The body is governed by the Vis and the application so of naturopathic medicine apply.  We can reverse arterial plaqueing, improve blood flow, strengthen the weakened heart and help restore proper rhythm.  We can improve breathing, cure asthma, effectively treat infections, even pneumonia, without antibiotics.  This is a short course, an introduction to the naturopathic management of heart and lung problems with our traditional theories and therapeutics. Learn more about Jared Zeff, ND LAc.

CE: AANP, OBNM | 3 gen, 1 Rx | $100 | Purchase Course

ZeffPractical Medicine for NDs – Gastrointestinal System with Jared Zeff, ND, LAc

The first topic of the Practical Medicine Series is focused on the Gastrointestinal system and is divided into two sessions. It is based upon Dr. Zeff’s personal experience with what works in practice. Dr. Zeff characterizes a “traditional” naturopath, one who relies upon the Vis Medicatrix Naturae to bring about healing,utilizing the traditional tools of the naturopathic physician, predominately diet, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and his hands. These two sessions will be focused upon the gastrointestinal system, and how to quickly, in the clinical setting, assess and treat the common problems we see in our office, from hemorrhoids to Crohn’s Disease. Learn more about Jared Zeff, ND LAc.

CE: AANP, OBNM, CONO | 3.5 gen + 0.5 RX | $100 |  Purchase Course

Practical Medicine for ND’s – Endocrine System

This talk is the second in Dr. Zeff’s Practical Medicine series.  The first, Practical Medicine for ND’s – Gastrointestinal System, was held last year and can be purchased below. The Practical Medicine series is based upon his personal experience with what works in practice.  Dr. Zeff characterizes a “traditional” naturopath, one who relies upon the Vis Medicatrix Naturae to bring about healing, utilizing the traditional tools of the naturopathic physician, predominately diet, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and his hands.  Part 1: Thyroid and Adrenal; Part 2: Dysglycemia, Sexual Endocrinology. Learn more about Jared Zeff, ND LAc.

CE: AANP, OBNM, CNPBC Category C | 3 gen + 1 Rx | $100 | Purchase Course

ZeffClinical Homeopathy: A Practical Approach to Homeopathic Prescribing

This is a 2-hour short course in rapid homeopathic prescribing for the clinical practitioner. Homeopathic prescribing can be intimidating, especially as it is usually taught in our schools. One can spend at least 2 hours taking a case, and an additional 2 hours repertorizing a case before arriving at a likely remedy. But in clinical practice, when one sees 10 to 20 patients a day, that becomes a daunting and impractical task. Yet a number of seasoned practitioners seem to be prescribing a remedy within a few minutes of seeing a patient, with very good clinical effect. How do they do that? This is a little tutorial in how to make rapid and accurate clinical prescribing of homeopathic medicines. Learn more about Jared Zeff, ND LAC.

CE: AANP, OBNM, CONO | 2 general | $50 | Purchase Course

SensenigWhat’s the gut have to do with it? with Dr. Jim Sensenig

The “gut” brings nutrients into the body and eliminates waste but it is far more than just a digestive system. It is involved in immune function, the production of systemic enzymes, and is the source of many neurotransmitters. The alimentary canal not only nourishes us, but also defends us, heals us, and affects our moods. With more neurons than your brain and more bacteria than cells in your body, the “gut” is the center of your physical universe. Learn more about Dr. Sensenig.

CE: OBNM | 2 general | $50 | Purchase Course

SensenigInfectious Disease without Antibiotics or Vaccination with Dr. Jim Sensenig

Ever since Louis Pasteur’s “discovery of germs”, the conventional medical system and it’s allied businesses and agencies have fostered the idea that “germs” cause disease. But do they really CAUSE disease? This is not simply an academic question.

We now live at a time when people and doctors live in fear of bacteria and viruses. This assumption of cause drives much of our medical system and is the basis for the use of both anti-biotics and vaccination. ? Is there another way to understand the relationship between microbes and disease? Do we really need anti-biotics and vaccinations? Learn more about Dr. Sensenig.

CE: OBNM | 2 general | $50 | Purchase Course

SensenigMineral Deficiences and Chronic Disease with Dr. Jim Sensenig

Minerals deficiencies may be responsible for many chronic health conditions. As minerals are essential nutrients which function as co-factors in most biochemical reactions, a deficiency in any one or more can cause serious adaptations which we know as disease.

The subject rarely gets the attention it deserves in naturopathic medical education and can be greatly underutilized in practice. The causes of mineral deficiencies and the relationship of mineral deficiencies to disease states, as well as assessment and correction crucial to naturopathic practice. Learn more about Dr. Sensenig.

CE: OBNM | 2 hours CE general | $50 | Purchase Course

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