LifeCore – Healthcare and Insurance Re-Engineered

Webinar, Sept 20, 2018

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Register for 8:30-8:30 pm CDT

What if you and your family had health insurance that acknowledged your efforts to remain healthy and passed along the savings to you?

What if you could offer your patients a health insurance option that rewarded them with reduced health insurance premiums for consistently visiting you?

What if the healthcare system was proactive and truly supportive of naturopathic medicine?

Meet LifeCore Group, a company out to disrupt and re-engineer the healthcare system. LifeCore’s mission is to prioritize healthy living as a way of life by identifying, acknowledging, and rewarding those who focus on proactive measures to improve health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Meet Jason J. Paul, Founder and CEO of LifeCore Group and 21 year insurance industry veteran, and Dr. Karthik Ramanan, VP of Provider Relations, naturopathic doctor, NMI member and LifeCore early investor.

Be on the lookout for their video in the next couple of days introducing the exciting personal, professional, and investment opportunities to become a part of this movement!

Also visit LifeCore at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @lifecoregroup

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