Coding and Billing – 3 Part Series

with Dr. Mona Fahoum

Whether you file insurance, ask that your patients file for themselves or are completely uninvolved in the insurance process, this webinar series is invaluable for Naturopathic Doctors. Presented by Dr. Mona Fahoum, she walks through ICD-10 coding, submitting properly coded claim forms, and can help you get the MOST reimbursement for your services.

The Vital Gathering I

14 hrs Gen CE: OBNM, AANP

The Vital Gathering: clinical skills and decision making strategies based on an understanding of the philosophical and practical application of Naturopathic Medicine. The information presented at this conference shows how the philosophical constructs of naturopathic medicine guide every decision we make as doctors. Attendees will build upon their existing skills and learn new strategies to dramatically improve their clinical expertise in treating people who suffer from complex chronic and sometimes debilitating illness.

VG I Conference is required for Vitalist track

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The Vital Gathering II

22 hrs Gen CE: OBNM, AANP

The Vital Gathering II focuses on the clinical application of the vitalistic philosophy presented during The Vital Gathering I. Instructors deliver practical, hands-on, vitalistic clinical assessment and treatment taught directly by our Naturopathic elders.

VG II Conference is required for Vitalist track

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The Vital Gathering III

13 hours CE OBNM, AANP

A Vitalist understands the powerful, innate healing potential of the human body. Over 100 years ago, Dr. Henry Lindlahr wrote Nature Cure, a cornerstone text of modern naturopathy, and put forth the Laws of Cure, three simple, yet elegant “rules” to restore health:

  • remove obstacles to cure
  • give the body what it needs to be well
  • stimulate the vital force

Building on the philosophy of VG1 and the cornerstones of health from VG2, our next gathering, VG3, dives deeper into assessing an individual to determine obstacles to health and treatments options to stimulate the body’s self-healing.

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