The Vital Conversation

Thank you for your interest in The Vital Conversation, a groundbreaking, inspiring, and paradigm-shifting conference call, hosted by Dr. Jim Sensenig, ND and featuring vitalist Naturopathic Physicians from around the world.  The call is live and unscripted each Wednesday at 12 Eastern, 11 Central, 10 Mountain, and 9 Pacific. Calls are recorded for ongoing access.

In general, to participate in the Vital Conversation or listen to the recordings , you must be a Vital Track, Professional or Student Associate. However, we do offer access to select Vital Conversations to the general public and to our General Associates.

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This week’s featured Vital Conversation

Jan 17, 2018
Drs. Camp and Messer “A Case of Septicemia and Homeopathy

Join Drs. Eli Camp and Stephen Messer as they discuss a case of septicemia and homeopathic treatment, the general state of homeopathy and more!