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A Vitalist understands the powerful, innate healing potential of the human body. Over 100 years ago, Dr. Henry Lindlahr wrote Nature Cure, a cornerstone text of modern naturopathy, and put forth the Laws of Cure, three simple, yet elegant “rules” to restore health:

  • remove obstacles to cure
  • give the body what it needs to be well
  • stimulate the vital force

Building on the philosophy of VG1 and the cornerstones of health from VG2, VG3 looked deeper into assessing an individual to determine obstacles to health and treatments options to stimulate the body’s self-healing.

Are you an ND or student interested in becoming part of a growing community meeting an increasing public demand for vitalistic naturopathic medicine? Are you interested in being involved in sharing and learning from experienced ND’s such as Jared Zeff, Jim Sensenig, Letititia Dick-Kronenberg, Rick Kirschner, Chris Turner, Daniel Young, Louise Edwards, Aviva Wertkin and more?

The NMI has created a means to preserve the legacy of vitalistic naturopathic medicine – join us!

Was held October 12-13, 2018

13 hours gen CE, AANP and OBNM approved

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Conference Materials and Information

Module 1 Vital Gathering 3
Unit 1 Vital Gathering 3 Recordings, Handouts and Quizzes

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