Vitalist Track Associate (CE) Membership




Vital Track Associate with CE

This associate level is open to Naturopathic Physicians graduated from a CNME naturopathic schools who want to earn the VNMI (Vitalist of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute). The Vitalist certification indicates your understanding and clinical experience in the healing art, science and practice of Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine. For those Naturopathic Physicians interested in becoming a Fellow of NMI, this is the first step of that process.

In addition to The Vital Conversation, Vitalist Track Associates also receive:

  • 30% discount on live, in-person and virtual events from NMI
  • CE credit for The Vital Conversation at no extra charge (up to 42 CE credits per year)
  • Access to Associates only clinical discussion group ( launching 2018)
  • Free listing in the NMI Find a Naturopathic Doctor Directory (once VNMI is awarded).

Cost:  $575 per 2018 calendar year – this expires Dec 31, 2018.