Vital Gathering V

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October 3, 2020

9am – 3pm PDT/ 12pm – 6pm EDT

Live Stream

5 hours General CE approved by NANCEAC for all 50 states & Canada


Part 1: Advanced Homeopathy (2 hrs)

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

  • Repertorization: How to determine a remedy using a classic homeopathic textbook
  • “3 good symptoms” as described by Dr. Kent
  • Dosing for different clinical cases: Choosing a potency and frequency, and the differences between liquid vs pellet dosing
  • How to create Liquid/Pellet remedies from source remedy
  • Condition specific remedies
  • First aid prescribing

Part 2Utilizing the Vitalist Approach to Eclectic Botanicals (2 hrs):  

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

  • Apothecary Language and Prescriptions
  • How to use Wilson’s Useful Prescriptions and Eclectic Materia Medica by Ellingwood, Scudder, Cook, Felter, and Lloyd
  • Applicable introduction to specific medicines

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Want to host a local event anywhere in the world?

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Current Potential Local Events are in the following cities:

*Associated events will be confirmed by the host of the local event

Portland: VG5 with a Nature Walk in Tabor Park

Phoenix: VG5 with 2 more speakers and case analysis using Lindlahr’s 6 horses

Chicago: VG5 with a tour of NUHS

Miami: VG5 with a beach walk

Alaska: city TBA

Sydney, Australia

Calgary, Canada


What are the requirements for being a host/hostess of a local gathering?

  • Must be a current NMI Associate
  • Must have stable internet connection capable of live streaming.
  • Need a TV or projection screen with appropriate hardware.
  • Space large enough to accommodate the number of people who want to attend YOUR local gathering. Your home? A library? A community center?
  • Attendees will register for the NMI Live stream portion through NMI.
  • People coming to your local event will need to register with you separately. Costs for local gatherings will not be covered by NMI. You may collect donations or fees to cover the local hosting expenses.
  • Tell NMI your plans and NMI will promote your gathering in addition to the promotion you do yourself.
  • Questions? Contact Us with VVG5 in subject line.

People can choose which region to attend.

Put your thinking and planning caps on!

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